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My first 6 payments were not reported to credit bureaus but when I fell short due to health issues they reported me, not to mention that when I took 2 differments they listed it as non payment and repo my car. My 81 yr old mother lived in another state and they would call her everyday at 7:30 am and again in afternoon as well as evening being very rude as to why I am not calling them asap, she asked them repeatly to stop calling her because she was very ill--dying of liver cancer and it was upseting her with their rude behavior, but that didn't stop them --the next day same thing up until she passed away 8/07.

When I went to KY for the funeral on the same day she was burried they called at 7:30 am I explained to the "man" that my mother had asked for the calls to stop and they didn't and she had nothing to do with my loan I told him this was harrassment he said they have to do whatever they can to reach me I told him that my mother was very ill and had passed and all he could say was when can I expect a payment? I will never buy another car from "chrysler" again due to the immorral ethics that they use to contact their customers and it doesn't matter how many times you complain to a supervisor it doesn't get any better. I will now only purchase foreign made cars . "Chrysler" is like a bad mother-in-law aways over your shoulder ,mouthing off not considering your feelings or concern about the bad situation you are going through.

You just want to turn around and drop kick them both. In my world : no more chrysler or mother-in -laws :)

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Getting harassed, very rude on the telephone, even came to my door at 3:30am in the morning waking up my family.

Coggeshall, England, United Kingdom #25710

"w" - sorry, but you are WRONG. I've called them twice in one week, and because they didn't like my answer, they called a relative...

insisting that they've called several times and I don't return their calls.


I have javascript but don't see any email address?

East Ham, England, United Kingdom #14950

The only time relatives are contacted are when the actual customer can be contacted, guess you should have thought of your moms heath and returned calls ... If you loaned someone thousands of dollars and could not contact them, how would you handle it?

George Town, Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands #12743

anytime a pmt is 30 days past due a collections ageny is required by law too report it too the credit bureau, they dont have a choice, its buisness!

Manassas, Virginia, United States #10591

I would be very happy to join you in any law suit attemps. What is the email address to send the information?

Hurricane, Utah, United States #10165

I have also been getting harassed by chrysler financial and I am going to be starting a law suit. All those who are interested please contact me via e-mail and include your contact information.

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