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My son purchased a car thru a nogood company that said my husband was the buyer instead of him and like dummys they signed the papers.He lost his job and they sold the car at auction for 1000.00 so now he owes the interest to the tune of 9000.00 dollars and he had already paid 9000.00 on the car.

We were trying to make a payment on this interest and my son gave them the wrong acct number to debit and all I wanted to do was change the acct number and there was this woman who was the biggest *** I have ever seen. I was trying to give them money not take money from them. Or change the date on the debit or lessen the amount just the acct. And you would have thought I was asking her to commit treason.

But I called back and talked to customer service representative and she is being as helpful as she can be. No wonder big auto is loosing thier butts. With people like Diane answering the phone.

She should get another job if she doesn't like talking to people and helping them.And I know someone somewhere is making money if they are charging everyone 9000.00 interest on every car they sell.And they wonder why people are not buying American!!!!

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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Are you sure it was the car dealers fault??this is exactly what happened to us.

I have never seen the original contract the "dummies" signed! As soon as I found out I tried to have it changed, but they refused. To make a long story short the credit is in my husbands name and my son wasn't paying so we had to to keep our credit good.

They refused to talk to me to tell me what the payoff amount was as it was not the same on the web site.I just made the last payment I hope we are done with them them.

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