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Back in the early 80's my tax dollars went to bail out your parent company and give the company a second chance at survival. I was initially opposed to giving a public company 3 billion dollars of our tax money just so they could survive.

The amount of jobs on the line was quite a few but not huge by percentage so why not let you fail. Instead, I have always believed in second chances.

People and companies get themselves in a bind in slow economic time and through no fault of their own, get behind on there finances. Your finance department should take a lesson from how you were allowed a second chance to survive.

Instead, they say they want to talk but they don't really, they want to threaten and in a very mean way at times. They say they have called several times and we have not returned their calls but that isn't true either, they just didn't get the answer they wanted. They say they are willing to work with you but that is the farthest from the truth, we have tried to talk to your people on several ocaussions only to be told what low-lifes we are, that we don't deserve a car and we must be the lowest thing on earth for not taking care of our obligations.

We are willing to work this out but your people must be willing to listen (they don't), have some understanding (they don't) and have some compassion for people that are having hard times right now (they don't) but will work out of them with a little help or a second chance.

Before you believe that this is all nonsense by someone who doesn't understand business, I can assure you that we have more business education and business,real world experience than 95% of the people you have working in your finance department. Finally, you can talked to someone in the finance department and not an hour later they are calling again and again, saying you won't talk to them when in fact you have and you are also trying to do your job and don't have time to take the 12-14 calls a day from you folks especially after we have talked to you already that day.

You might also have a little consideration that all these useless interuptions may lose someone their job and at the very least their phone for the excessive call time.

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You say you have more business education than why dont you apply that so called ecucation and experience you have on organizing your financial obligations. It doesnt take a genius to know you make payments on time no matter what the payment is for.

Duh. From reading your complaint it really made me hard to believe you even graduated from Highschool let only think youhad and business education what so ever. Pay your S$#% on time and you wont have to deal with a single phone call.

I know Im so smart and I dropped outa school at the age of 15. HA HA

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