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Isn't it a coincidence that the people who make the complaints are the people who are behind on their payments. I am willing to bet that in most cases, Chrysler Financial were the only ones to take the risk in financing you irresponsible, uneducated morons.

Also, since when did people start trusting dealerships. Chrysler Financial is the one who approves the APR, not negotiated the APR. You may want to take someone who is more educated with you next time and have them explain to you what APR is and how simple interest works.

Anyways, to the people who say that Chrysler Financial needed to be bailed out, is it possibly because everyone complaining doesn't pay their bills and Chrysler Financial has to take the lost. Maybe if the people spent more time working and making money to make their bills on time, rather than complaining on here, then Chrysler Financial wouldn't have to waste their time on calling you.

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we used to repossess for Chrysler, but working with them was a big pain in the a$$!!!

a majority of the persons we worked with were major a$$holes! Because of me, we got to fire them...

It has been sooo nice not having to deal w/them!!!


I'm paying mine off asap, 1 yr. left, never again dealing with a us automaker.....frankly, i'd rather walk or ride the bus.

CF should be bankrupt too.'s a separate thriving business alright. Plus they all screwed the taxpayers big time.


Well I have paid off every car I have had a loan on in the past. This year I have had too many customers not pay me so in return I can not pay all my bills.

My only complaint with Chrysler is that they are not willing to work with me at all. They just want the money now. I have tried to explain my situation and they just don't get it.

I just need more time, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

So John, I hope your financial situation remains stable. Mine is not because of faith and trust in my customers.

Great Barr, England, United Kingdom #52146


Hope you get laid off! Hear more cuts are coming down and how ironic would it be if you got the ax!


Bill, sorry to tell you but no finance company gives 2 *** about your medical situation. Unfortunately the bottom line is if you can pay or not..

Not if fate was unkind to you. Hope things turn around and sorry to hear about your health problems. Just an idea..

if you can't work enough to pay your payments maybe you should look into a more basic, lower priced vehicle... just a thought

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #48493

John: My car will be paid off soon and guess where I aint shopping for a new one! That's right, Chrysler.

After 30 years of Chrysler cars and awesome payment reocrds, I was hit by an *** and my financial life went to ***. Though I can still work I have massive medical bills until the lawsuit either settles or goes to court. It has been over 3 years. Peopole like you won't take this into consideration and when you behave like that, justice has a way of bringing things around to humble you so you understand things that happen to others.

I still pay monthly though a little late. This problem NEVER happened before Cerberus bought Chrysler and they have destroyed the company trying to run it as a financial unit rather than a manufacturin unit that relies on return business.

Then again, since it has been run into the ground, that won't be an issue much longer. Then perhaps you wioll understand from an unemployed viewpoint how circumstances can make it you to pay things on time.


It is clear that John is the uneducated one! He is the one that has an $8.

an hour job working for a bunch of almost bankrupt a***holes!

I have had problems from day one with these people and will never buy another Chrysler again! Maybe when they get bought out by GM all of the nasty reps will either lose there jobs or get the training they need to deal with the customers!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #44545

I only wish I could transfer some of the things that have happened to me from drug users in my family - a death, failed marriage - by the way Mr. Judgemental - I don't do drugs - but they sure have reaked havoc on my financial well being, not to mention the economy taking a dive - all within less than one year.

I am making my payments - though they run late - I am struggling - paying late, but making them. Perhaps if your life went thru such changes - we may find you eating your words and being a little more compassionate of people, especially when they are the ones who try to pay and just get threatened.

Chrylser Financial is hard core, brinking illegal collection practices! Oh yeah, and about them financing me when no one else would - how about that higher interest payment I get to pay and the whopping $4,000 I got to put down - gee - I AM LUCKY!


To John,

Are you for real- man I hope nothing bad ever happens to you then you will see we are all good people who at one time or nother something dramatic happens in our life to cause financial hardship. If we all didnt have pretty good credit to be gin with then we would have never gotten the loans.


To John,

Are you for real- man I hope nothing bad ever happens to you then you will see we are all good people who at one time or nother something dramatic happens in our life to cause financial hardship. If we all didnt have pretty good credit to be gin with then we would have never gotten the loans.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #42471

Yeah, this article is pretty disgusting. Situations will always change, no matter how responsible a person is. It irritates me to no end when people presume to discredit another's situation.

I have a Chrysler, I am very happy with it, but I have never had to deal with their customer service.

This will be reported to Chrysler. I'm positive they can trace the IP address and find out exactly who you are, since that is, in fact, what I do for a living. I'm sure they'll be incredibly pleased with you. Haha.

Have a good one. :p


Maybe Chrysler Fin. needs to retrain employees like you who still haven't learned that the customer is always right and when they are wrong deal with the problem but Do Not Correct them!

What you just wrote hurt Chrysler's public relations more than you will ever comprehend. After Chrysler Management reviews this you will probably see a change in company policies stating no more employees commenting on any site about anything company related!

Have a nice day :sigh :sigh

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