For the last 11 months we have had no income and have done everything we can to pay our bills to keep our perfect credit as good as we could. We have been a few days late and have been charged late charges, which we have paid.

I tried to pay online yesterday and the website wouldn't take my payment. I called today and they would not waive the late charge stating that there is no grace period -untrue since they don't charge a late charge until the 11th day. The supervisor I spoke with frustrated me to the point where I was yelling and screaming at her to stop talking and listen to me. I never yell and scream - this is just not something I do. She said, "All I want to hear from you is your routing number on your account to pay your bill."

We have bought nothing but Chrysler products since 1972. We have been customers at the same dealership since 1994. No other creditor that I have spoken to over the last couple of months has treated me this way. They have treated me with respect and understanding. What is wrong with Chrysler? Weren't they bailed out a time or two? They should understand tough economic times better than anyone!

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you specifically are retarded Karma.. Im sorry you had a bad experience but it sounds like your soft spot never hardened and your parents may have used copious amounts of illegal drugs prior to your birth.

Good luck with things moving forward.. Left foot, right foot.


No one would need to be bailed out if everyone paid like they were supposed to... Secondly since you are charged daily interest on your simple interest contract there is no grace period. Your still paying your per diem prior to the late charge being added at the 11th day past due.


for you to get consistent late charges - you are paying past the grace period for late charges but wait...car loans dont have grace periods...you signed a contract to charges you interest daily...it sounds like your both looking a large balloons payment of principle at the end of your loans..


Ditto!!! Wow, did you just talk to Ms. Lee and Mr J. Cox too? (Their Supervisor is Mr. J.W. Davis. Just in case you missed that information) Out in the KC MO office? They are on a roll tonight. I have been trying to pay for 27 days as Mr. Cox so insistently kept reiterating that was how late I was in paying (I thought I had already paid. The website it said I did but I didn't print it out because I have never had problems before last month, Mea culpa) All I wanted to do was pay my bill and you would have thought I was dirt on their shoes. Ms Lee told me their website down and Mr. Cox said it was my fault I should have known my payment didn't go through because I should have checked with my bank to make sure they took the money out (if I only I was psychic, I would have known that. My fatal flaw was I trusted that their website worked). I also didn't know extortion was legal out in KC, MO but for some reason you can not talk to customer service (or a supervisor for that mater) if you a late on a payment you must pay first and wait for it to post before they will talk to you at all. I was also threaten with the fact they have all of my personal information so I better pay now.

I knew someone else was upset since I sent 2 emails less than a minute apart to both Chrysler Financial and Chrysler and the code # in the automated response showed someone else had sent and email too.

Good luck to you my kindred spirit. I hadn't been that upset in years I am sorry someone else had the same experience as I did.


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