On 6/16/08 i got a call from Chryler Finanicaial in Louisville,Ky telling me that i had until 9pm to pay my payment of $1105.65.I told them that i would pay that payment and 7/1/08 payment on 7/20/08 i was told that was unaceptable.This does not make no sense to me that i can not pay this on this date.So maybe Chrysler is better off than what they have been saying to public.So today i will give back the car and good ridance. Chrysler Financial does not scare me

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doesn't make a lot of sense to get a repo just because you refuse to make your payment on time. Making your payment on time (the due date) helps YOU pay less over the life of a loan. Good luck, you'll be pursued for the unpaid balance of this loan until you die or file bankruptcy.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #21698

you signed a contract stating that you would pay on a due date, then you try to change the contract??

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