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I am now going on my third month of the new website making my annual payments.. Every time I need to update my information and call these idiots because something is not processing..

What was wrong with the old site?? A car payment should take less than a min to make, not two hours.. I am making my payments to them on time.. Why are they making it so difficult to collect their money??

What will it take to get this website up to par?? It's funny how they could care less about my complaints on the website.. But when my payment was late because of their website they managed to call me almost a dozen times.. My cell phone and home phone..

They do not care about the inconvenience it is to me to take literally over hour up to three hours waiting on the phone just to give them back their money..

But if the money is not there you finally get their attention!! Still though no improvements in the website..

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I hear you,, We've had the same problem for months unable to access the website.. does it go under a new name maybe i have it wrong... does anyone know the actual new website and if so please let me know thanks


I agree with all of the above comments-It seems as though they are deliberately doing this so the can get late fees or that- $12.95 fee for western union They even said I had to pay the 12.95 if I paid by phone using my checking account _I did not make my payment-I should not be penalized because their web site sucks


Am I the only person who is having issue with Chrysler Financial website. I cannot access the website and I end up paying the late charges?

Has anyone experienced the same problem? I have been paying late charges which I should not but I don`T want the headache later with these people.



I'm having the same *** problems and I'm really pissed off at these *** at chrysler


I agree with them all, now I can't even open the *** site.


New website suck.I have Tryed to re-register for four months. All I get is a run around. Change my e-mail address from .net to .com Gave up on re-registering. paying by mail with out payment coupon(I reguested coupon)but who

cares. take forever to post payment. forget about late fees I'm not paying.



UGGGGHH! I hear all of you.

Tried to to a change of address on the website with phone number being a required entry, but it won't let you type a phone number in. My husband is deployed so before he left he made sure to put me on the account so I could handle any hiccups that may arise, but since I'm not the original buyer they won't let me change the address over the phone.

Now I can't even get the site to let me log in to schedule my pmt and they wanna charge me the flippin 13 bux because of their technical errors!! Supposedly they're lliquidating by 2011...can't wait to see what kind of mass chaos will come from that.


whats up with their *** website..cant pay them online.. and then send me request to change password etc..

whats going on chrysler, get ur act together... never never again, will i deal with the idiots at CHRYSLER..


Susan....I figured out why the new site won't work. Chrysler wants the extra $12.95 for western union fee when you pay over the phone.. They're a bunch of thieves!


I have had a problem with Chrysler Financial website since they had me re-register when I logged in to pay my september payment. My payment was never accepted by the new website, and I did not realize this until they zapped me with late charges next time around.

I tried to explain the problem on the phone and the last thing the operator said was that Chrysler expected their payments on time, duh, did you not listen to what I just said?

I emailed and got a response from someone who obviously never really read my email because they ignored my problem in their response. I never had these problems leasing a chevy vehicle!

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