I'm so disappointed that I didn't read this forum before I purchased and took out a loan with Chrysler Financial. I traded a can in With negative equity at Denny Heckers Dodge, Of Monticello, MN (Currently having that contract looked at by an attorney because they changed my income), and they refinanced negative equity. I became two months past due. I got the MN Attorney Generals office involved on their harassing calls. Chrysler financial send me a Notice of Default and the Right to Cure & Intention to repossess letter stating that on 8/7/08, they would take me vehicle if payment was not received by then.

I called their people. What A** holes!! From Mrs. Knighton, to Mr. Kirby, they would NEVER listen to what I had to them about me mailing three months worth of payments. I was "secretly" being listened by their "Supervisor Mr. Wilcocks" He was the biggest *** of them all! Any way he said that any letter didn't matter that if I didn't western Union them the money immediately that day, they would repossess my car tomorrow. And also they added that every day that I was more than 5 days past due, they were adding $7.60 in interest to my loan! I told them that I mailed the $1555.77 for three months worth of payments was in the mail and would be definitely received before the 8/7/08 due date they sent me. Mr. Wilcocks said that he'd hold that payment on his desk till 8/8/08 and that would be to late and my car would be repossessed by then.

I asked them if my contract that I signed by the dealership had any writing on it that stated that I could only make my payment by Western Union on exactly the day I called. They couldn't answer that. Here.....I'll help them out, NO! I said the check was mailed and they stated that it would be no good. The only payment they'd accept was Western Union.

I called the Minnesota Attorney Generals Office. I talked to them and they called Chrysler Financial for me on my behalf. Mr. Wilcocks was just as rude to them as he was to me. So they took about 1 hour and called me back, they had another Chrysler Financial rep on the phone telling me that mailing the check was ok and that there's nothing they can do till 8/7/08 period no matter what anyone including Mr. Wilcocks tells me.

The MN Attorney Generals office is still continuing with the complaint.

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You did a good job man I need to look into contacting my states attorney general. I also delt with Mr.

Wilcocks I know how rude he is. the only nice rep i have had is Mr.

Winters and i touch base with him on a day to day basis. Good luck man!


I have been divorced twice and my crdeit is ruined. Knowing this my father, a retiree at General Motors, co-signed on my 72 month loan with payments of 202.00, like an *** I went ahead and purchased the extended warranty. My father, the best mechanic I know is getting up in his years and I never mastered auto repair.

After having the car towed their on two occassions they quoted me estimates that were almost as much as the car's worth. I took it elsewhere since they told me that it wasn't covered by my warranty. They told ne something completely different was wrong and for 1/10 of the Chrysler price they fixed it.

Then there is the matter of the esitmated miles per gallon. Since it was a program car they assured me I would get beyond those estimates the EPA forces auto manufacturers to place in open view. It claimed I would get 26 on the highway, low for a four cylinder. The reality, I have never broken 20 on the highway and suffer ast 16 in the city. The final blow came when I decided to rid myself of bunndle of lies and found out when the new car dealer told me I wasn't listed on the car, They had simply got the credit under my fathers name, so I have received absolutely no credit repair ny making my payments early with an occasional late payment in 18 months.

I am contacting an attorney to see what action I can take against this dealer. Never trust Chrysler Financial and if you live in Kansas City, Missouri stay as far away from landmark dodge as possible.

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