I am pissed for the three years worth of car note payments that I've struggled to pay and after always paying the note no matter what even when unemployed you decide to take my vehicle for being late to many times because that's gotta be what it is because I was only two months behind because of a pay-cut and I still had planned on paying it when I got the money.Do yall think a person especially my age would actually be able to stay on the same job for five years worth of expensive car note payments.

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We had a Chrysler that had only one balloon payment left on it of $600 then the car would be paid off. The car is easily worth $6000

We got only one month behind on the payment and the car was repossessed at 5 am.

Nice how they can take our bail out money and to pay it off they repo a car that only has $600 owed and worth 6 grand.

I would suggest to anyone that if you buy a car from a company that ran to the government for a bail out not to finance true them

to Dew Mikelson #1535439

they repo’d my car and I didn’t offer me a chance to pay or make arrangements to get it back. Always heard others had that option.

My fault I was laid off and got behind!? No options at all.


Warning: Crysler Financial will stop your automatic payment before your last payment is due with no prior notice. Their machine called me one day before the payment is due on my cell phone which is not listed on my profile.

Luckily I was in town and was able to make the payment online. Tried to pay by phone but gave up after being placed on hold for over 15 minutes.

Chrysler Financial sucks! Chrysler is a discrace to America.


this is my third cf loan and lease. now that cf is not giving out loans they are real nasty we bailed them out and they treat people like this i had 2 payments left on the lease and they will not accept a check only a payment over the phone.

i recvd no letter on intent accept a knock on the door a 4 am. i was more than happy to give the car back at the end of my lease. cf should be investigated for their credit tactics. anyway all cf employees get ready for the unemployment line you all will be out of a job.

and we are not going to bail you out again.just like they told me and i have it on tape. they to should die...see you in court *** offs


:grin at 4:30am we had a knock on our door. It scared the *** out of me and my 2 kids.

The guy repossed the car I was so Happy, I said take it here are the keys. No more nasty phone calls telling me to drop dead etc. They sent back our payments because we didn't pay a late fee from the previous months. So I guess they rather have nothing.

Fine with me. I will NEVER buy another dodge/chrysler again the car had so much wrong with it anyway. I would go through 3 quarts of oil in 1 month.

My blinkers don't know left from right. I never want to see that Minivan again!!!!!

to i gave it back #1387067

How long dis it take them to close account


I have a loan thru Chrysler and have never had a problem, maybe its because I pay my note on time and yes you can keep a job for 5 years to be able to pay it off. Stop whining its your fault if you were 2 months behind

to charity #1397980

Some things happen were people cant pay. Don’t be a ***

to charity #1605600

Some of us might have had serious medical problems which lead to fall behind due to high medical bills or, the damn vehicle is falling apart and have no more warranty and had to pay over $ 1,200 on repairs. Don’t be disrespectful to others whom are less fortunate than you. Instead thank God and good for you that you haven’t fallen behind at all.


Everyone knows when they buy a car if you don't pay you risk repossession. It does not matter what finance company it is, its like hearing a bunch of teenagers who think they know it all on here, ridiculous.

Maybe you have had better experiences with other companies but I would bet that you were not so far behind on your payments at the time. All finance companies follow the same laws and none of them will allow you to not pay.

And going as far as saying you will never use CF again is also *** because if you are getting repossessed you are not having a line of financial companies waiting for your business, you will go with any company that will give you the loan, if you are in this mess you will not have many choices. How about trying to act like a adult.

Yea stop paying your car or hide it and when your paychecks are garnished for years you will look back at that intelligent decision and be proud of yourself. Children

to M #1433667

They could give warning .before repoman sneeks in the middle of nite .like a thief . why not daytime

to M #1535446

Well I am not a child whoever you are! My husband and I got laid off 2 months apart.

Had to help get our child in college came first! So to you, the know it all.....pls stop and think before you speak on others situations. They took my car and I didn’t get an option to get it back, like every other place. They don’t offer to work with you.

It’s fine, my daughter has a vehicle and we have another as well, although it too is through Chrysler. Will be looking ASAP to refinance.


Have you considered a chapter 13 bankruptcy? If your unsecured debt is thru the roof you can reorganize it.

You would be making payments you can afford to the trustee for either 3 or 5 years depending on your case. There is no shame in taking advantage of a federal law that allows a fresh start. If you want to walk away from it all, you can do a 7 as well, and actually if you own a home you can reaffirm it and keep it and wash ALL your unsecured debt away in about 30 days. Just one thing, please don't try this without a good attorney.

You need a bulldog in your corner. If you want a reference, call TBC (The Bankruptcy Company). Just Google the name. They are in the midwest but if you are not, they can probably refer you.

No I don't work for them and have nothing to gain here. Just a little friendly advice.

Maybe it's time to get off the treadmill and go all cash lifestyle. Trust me, it's great!


The same issues I am having well kind of the issue is my car is stolen and I informed them that it was the rep had no form of pitty all she wanted to know is who is paying it now? I told her the insurance company will be in touch she then began to harrass me for the insurance policy number.

I refused and told her they will contact them she told me they dont care who they get the money from but they must get their money. I refuse to deal with them because they call and ask where is the vehicle parked? How dumb Hellllllloooooo STOLEN!!!!!!!! They have n form of customer service I also say dont pay they are now threaten to come repo a car that has been stolen for a month ok I will be here waiting for MR REPO infact I will ride with him to try and find it to repo it.

I warn people if Chrysler is the only company to finance please go buy a bus pass or a bike.

Way less stress and aggrevation. I do just hang up on them once they become loud, and start to threaten me because again the car is stolen so it's WAHATEVER.


Misery is happy to hear company. I'm sorry to hear all the misfortunes.

I have been one payment late. while waiting for my unemployment. I changed my automatic payment option with chrysler financial.

as soon as they learned of unemployment, they placed my vehicle on bad credit. and apsolutely won't work with me.


well they will have to look high and low to find mines. if it is going on my credit and they let my ex put their name on my loan with out my permission and he files bankruptcy well as far as i am concerned he has the car. i bougght me a little buck with the money i havent paid them with everyone should stop paying their car note what are they going to do>


Same here. I made a payment today to bring payments to one month behind.

They are still going to repossess if I cant get current in two weeks. They can have that darn thing back.

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