i called chryslers finance department to ask if they could help me with my payments. i simply explained to the person that i have fallen on bad times and i needed them to help me out with my loan.

the *** on the phone suggested that i bring the car into one of the dealerships and willfully let them reposess it! ask yourself how the *** that helps me out! i will tell everyone i know to never use chrysler to buy a car as they are a bunch of money hungry vulturse who only want your money! thanx for all of your help chrysler!

you and your staff did nothing in the way of working with me through these hard times and the amount of professionalism was bottom of the barrel! your company is without a doubt all about the money and you suck!!!!!

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I hate to tell you but I think the problem is that Chrysler Financial doesn't have the means to help you. The company is going bankrupt themselves.

No company is able to help customers anymore. Voluntary repos are the respectable way to turn in your car unless you want to be a *** and try to hide it which would really only cause you more anxiety in my opinion.


You may be eligible for an extension. You can also postdate a payment within a suitable time frame.

If you're not able to do so, then Chrysler Financial does have the legal right to attempt to collect the debt and the collateral of the loan. The legally binding document that you signed states that you are subject to collection practices and/or repossession in the event that you don't make your payments on time.

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