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I will not finance a car through Chrysler or buy a Chrysler again. The people who call and harass you for a payment are rude and condescending.

Whenever I late on a payment the call me 20 times a day 10 times at my house and 10 time at my job. Even after I requested them to stop calling my job they did not. So I would not recommend giving them you employers number if possible.

I have had collector call me *** (yet I'm a college grad w/a master's degree). One collector straight lied to me, another said things like "how did you pay your mortgage on time so you should be able to pay us first".

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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here here i have had the same experience with the chrysler thugs not only will they not work with you they are very rude and when i told them i could not pay them till such and such date they asked me why did everything but come right out and call me a deadbeat then i asked for a supervisor and he did about the same thing who teaches these people how to act like sub humans the ship must have dropped them there.


I feel so, so sorry for people like "Pay Your Bills." First of all, of course if you pay your bill you don't get collection calls. DUH!

I agree with you that today's society does have a sense of entitlement, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about BAD collection practices.

One can only hope you, Pay Your Bills, never hit hard times. Hopefully someone will show you more compassion than you've shown here.


Chrysler charges me over a $100 for being 30 days late. I think they are charging higher than credit cards after chrysler got a bailout.Also there collectors have threatened me for being 30days late and also told that I should borrow money to pay them. I think they are very rude.


I have had over 5 vehicles financed with Chrysler Financial. I paid my bills on time and never had any phone calls. The problem with today's society is the entitlement clause....everyone is entitled to a new car, even if they can't pay for it.


I had lost my job recently and one of the reps, Jay Black told me to go get a payday loan. What sense does that make?

This guy is a D#$k. Called my wifes job and disclosed to one of here co-workers why he was calling and how much she owed which is a violation of the FDCPA. A collector can only talk to your employer about verifying your employment not discuss that you owe or any other details with anyone in the company. If you want to quote it google FDCPA 804.

Also Im with your brother, I will not buy a Chrysler again.

I own a Chrysler and a Toyota and by far the Toyota collector are more helpful. They found resolution that worked for us.

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