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I bought a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4wd with Hemi engine from a dealer. So far, it has had 3 manifolds, a repair to the sunroof for broken parts, the transfer case had broken factory parts and was re-built, and the engine computer has been replaced, as has the entire telecommunications module.

So while we were waiting to find out what Lemon Law options (buy-back,cash back, exchange for new model) were available, I stopped the auto-pay program set up through the dealership. Chrysler, of course, did none of the above. Their answer was to give me a bumper to bumper lifetime warranty. What they don't understand is that it will be for my entire lifetime. PAYBACK!

And when I called to re-instate auto pay it took so long that they posted a late charge to my account, even though all payments were made. I finally did the auto-pay through my bank because they never did finalize the set-up.

And so now, not only do I have a piece of ***, their lat charge is adversly effecting my credit.

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Late charges don't affect your credit, and won't hold your account past due. Late charges are automatically applied at usually 10 or 15 days past due, per your contract.

That's why it's so important to cover all your bases when setting up things like auto-pay. The only day auto-pay will take money out of the account is the due date (or next business day) and if it may take 10 days to go into affect, and you're setting up auto-pay 5 days before the due date, you may have to make the payment yourself. Until the auto-pay goes into affect the following month. Regardless, agents should have given you that disclaimer.

Also, auto-pay usually kicks off for the last payment, in case there is any unpaid interest, late charges, or other fees. Always call in for an accurate payoff!

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