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I had a great job until the company i worked for went under. I had my lease car for 18 months and fell behind a couple of payments.

I was pressured into giving the car back which i did. I was told by a representative the car would be sold and the balance would be my problem. I was contacted 8 months later by an attorney from cleveland ohio requesting that i pay $16,000 remaining payments.They took me to court in wayne county in which they were granted $129.86 per week leaving me and my family $310.30 a week to live on. Do not buy nothing from them they lie.

here they went to congress begging for a bailout and in return screw us the consumers.I'm pissed and mad and i'd love to just get them in a room for 2 minutes to get my $ 16,000 im GIVING THE FOR FREE, YEA FREE MONEY FOLKS AND WHAT DID I GET IN RETURN SCREWED IN THE ... .

Monetary Loss: $16.

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Chrysler Financial sucks bigtime!! I have always made my payments ontime; however, one day a repo man showed up to take my car because supposidly they lost two payments from a year ago.

EXCUSE ME, you couldn't call and tell me? IDIOTS!!!! So I paid $60 to go get copies from the bank to show that payments were made and the error was on their end.

Oh they were sooooo sorry and then I asked them where they found my payments at and they responded, "we are unsure where the money is but since we have record that we cashed your checks we have to credit your account." Pretty sad to say the least. I turned them over to the Better Business Bureau and I hope they are being investigated.

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I appreciate your feedback and I understand that money shoui\ld be paid back.However an agreement could have been made to pay back a lesser fee per week, per bi weekly or once a month. Not every job in this world do not honor garnishments and you could be fired and don't tell you can't yes you can.

I'm in a commercial bussiness and hiring a driver could be considered a risky hire .They make think I would steal and sell on the side to get money.I am a christian man trying to do what's right and yes I feel it could of been handled differently if they wanted to.And about the finANCE COMPANY THEY ARE THE ONES who called and said that '' oh yea the car will go to auction be sold and i'm responsible for balance. The car never went it was in perfect condition they decided to have it put back on the lot and charged me the full remaining balance.It's the point you lie to someone then do whatever you want because you have the money to say so.Trust me paybacks are *** and they will get theirs on way or another and the *** in Cleveland , ohio from the law office you too.


Pissed AND mad?? That must be some pretty righteous anger.

I'm confused though, if Chrysler's actions held up in court, what did they do wrong? Should finance companies (companies that employ hundreds or thousands of people who also enjoy having their "great job") just eat money that is owed to them?

Nevermind the fact that your story is far from uncommon, they should just disregard the fact that you signed a legally-binding contract and agreed to pay a specific amount of payments? It's ok to be mad/upset at your own situation, but it seems silly to me that you're choosing to direct your anger at a finance company.

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