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recently due to job loss and resulting decreases in salary i had to file chapter 7. Chrysler Finiancal refused to work with my attorney or myself and chose to take a 2007 dodge ram with 72,000 miles back resulting in a loss of some 16,000 dollars to chrysler.

up until this time payments had been made but i stopped on advice of my attorney who said the co would place past due payments at end of loan and thereby increase their profits anyway. He was wrong describing chrysler as unproffessional and bad decision makers.

Soooooo they lose money as blue book is less than 6,000 and owed debt is 26,000 which gets written off. no wonder they went bankrupt and we (taxpayer) helped them what a stab in the back.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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James, you left out the part where Cf takes you to court for the 16k. Cf refused to work with you.......sounds like working with you was allowing you to drive a car and not pay for it. You signed a contract ***.

Your lawyer sounds like a bag of ***, does he do plumbing also.

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