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I leased a vehicle through Chrysler Financial and now they say that I owe them 4800 for a new front bumper. There was absolutely no damage to the vehicle when it was turned in.

I have a copy of the dealership inspection report that says the same thing, yet of course they still say that the dealership didn't turn it in, or that they are wrong. They told me if I didn't pay the balance it would screw up my credit- and that I needed to pay it and then deal with the that's what I did. That's when I received a copy of the dealership's inspection report. I have faxed this report to them twice and I have spoke with approximately 100 different people.

No one will ever call you back and the ones you get a hold of transfer you to different people. One told me that it wasn't her fault that I was "uneducated" in how to do things. After a month of dealing with this, I finally got a hold of a supervisor that told me there was no way I am ever getting my money back. I have now contacted an attorney.

I am not suing them for millions of dollars.

I just want my money back for a bumper that I did not damage. Trust not use Chrysler Financial for anything!!

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