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I need the lien removed on my car. Was payed off in 2008.

Now I see you have a BAD reputation doing this. I'm divorced now and my attorney needs this ASAP, like that's going to happen. I'm so frustrated I will be sure to pass on this info about Chrysler Financial...My Dodge Neon bought in Anchorage at Daimler Chrysler LLC Vin#1B3Es26CO3D205328 License EJH288 was payed off, and it seems there is a lien still on it, I went to DMV today and can't do anything till I get something stating you have no more Lien on it. Just how am I sapposed to go about doing that?

Who helps with such matters? I need to get my X-husband s name off my car and papers to my attorney.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #594228

I bought a car from the original owner they moved here from Michigan and I tried to register vehicle and wasn't able to they said there was a lien on the vehicle so now I'm on my own trying to get this info crazy who would know not to buy a vehicle from out of state without researching lesson to learn


We had same problem, paid off vehicle and got no release in 2008. Today 9-10-12, called 800-222-4221 and got a resolution dept that will make a lien release for you, cost is #20.00 direct from Daimler Chrysler.

Send request to Daimler Truck Financial Service, Attn:resolution, 13650 Heritage Parkway, Ft Worth, TX 76177 along with check, acct # info and fax # and or address to mail release. will send in 24-48 hours.


I just found out that they havent removed my lien either and it was paid of in 2009! I just moved out of state and i am screwed until I can find out how to get this cleared. This is unbelievable!


My pickup was paid off in 2004 still no lien release...


The same thing happened to us!! My car has been paid off since this May and now it's September and still nothing in the way of a title!!

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