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I was told my first payment wouldnt be due for 45 days.They only gave me 30 days.I called to get the situation remedied.At that time my DUE date was changed to January 10th.

I recieved a bill stating that my first payment was due December 10th. I wrote BETH JONES back, which is the rep that did the DUE date change.

She than sent the fax back.The fax stated my FIRST PAYMENT wasn't due until January 10th, yet I am still showing behind 1 payment for December.The issue still hasnt BEEN RESOLVED.Please advise.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Rogersville, Tennessee, United States #9172

The finance institution is obligated to uphold the terms of your contract. If the dealer entered 30 days for the 1st payment and you signed the contract, you agreed to have your payment due in 30 days. Work with your dealer if there is an issue.

Smithville, Missouri, United States #4609

Blame the dealer for the wrong due date, not the bank. Besides, did you not read your contract before you signed it?

If so, you would have known the due date was wrong. Take some *** responsibility!

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