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ok a little info that you need to know as far as the law and c.f.s, you pretty much have no rights legally if the creditor who has a secured loan with you (a secured loan is where the finance company has collateral some thing that they can take if you don't pay) and if the company is the original creditor the FDCPA dose not apply you are driving there car. You owe them the money directly so if they obtain a internal collection department then they can exercise what ever they need to in order to secure there collateral and there payments to prevent the default on the loan and you give them this option when you drive there car off the lot the title is in there name they can come and get the car, so what makes you think that they cant call and demand that you make your payments the fair debt collection practices act is only in place for 3rd party collections which is a agency that is contracted by a finance company to collect past due accounts there is no law and there cant be a law that governs collections by the creditor because you owe them the money.

just like there is the FDCPA protecting you, the creditors have laws protecting them, my personal point of view is a collections call is not some thing that you should let get under your skin because of all of the story's you hear about us so grow some nuts and pay up because if you do pay i don't get payed you can cry say you are dieing it dose not matter there is a commitment in place and that has to b up held think about it like this police take people to jail how you act towards them can make a big difference there have been times that i could have really thrown people a bone but i see in there notes they have been rude and just as nasty as the collectors that they cry about so i stick to the rules of the company all that i can say is the rules are in place for a reason and if they weren't half of the people on this blog would never have credit which they should not now but that is a different story. oh and i am in no way affiliated with c.f.s but i have worked 4 some of the largest auto loan company's in the country so trust me i speak only truth

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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This was pretty awesome. I work for a financial services company myself.

It is not as hard as some, but it is really a luxury item. It's not all just sitting on our arses all day long as we are assumed to do. We deal with people's account, set up payments, deal with information that is of a rather sensitive nature, we learn federal and state laws, company policy and how to correctly and legally deal with situations. Some reps do not have the patience needed but in all honesty some of the people, not all, just some, are some of the nastiest people who make it seem like it's our fault that they can't make the payment.

The economy is bad for everyone, yet not everyone is struggling. Like stated, if you really are having difficulty, things like extensions could help if you qualify. If not...sorry but please don't take it out on us. Think really hard before you get something financed, especially with credit issues and bare in mind that with simple interest loans you are assessed interest on a daily basis payment to payment.

For further questions do contact your financial services and do not be uninterested in learning about your account and contract. It's smart.

Don't be dumb. :)

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