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I paid my car off in April of 2008, it is now September 2008 and I still have not received my title to my car! Chrysler had no problem sending me my statements when they wanted me to pay my loan, but now they claim to have sent me my title three different dates yet I have NOT received ANYTHING from them!!!

I WILL NOT GO THROUGH THEM FOR ANOTHER LOAN EVER AGAIN! I called again today, and was told to contact my post office because they had to be the problem. Funny how I can get all of my other mail, and all of the statements from them prior to the pay off! I also hate the fact that I cannot speak to someone from our country when calling!

The accent is so strong it is difficult to make out what they are saying, then they get an attitude with you when you cannot understand them! Ugh!

I'm so frustrated with Chrysler and will not give them anymore of my business!

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Latham, New York, United States #282308

They have done the same thing to my 90 y/o grandmother who can't drive anymore and is trying to sell her car. She thought she had maybe lost the title so went to the courthouse to get a copy and there was still a lien on her car from the loan that was paid off SIX years ago.

They say they are sending a lien release letter (which costs $28.00 through a third party) but have not received it yet. Chrysler--the company that rips off little old ladies!


My husband has been waiting 10 years for his title, after several calls for several years with several excuses, he still did not get his title, the next step is going to a lawyer, don't know what else to do.


I have the same situation currently. I paid my vehicle off in Aug 2010.

Now is Dec 2010. They have continuously sent the title to the wrong address though the paperwork has the right address. Also everyone of their CSR's, supervisors and managers does not follow through. mark my words, this is my last Chrysler product and we currently own two.

My preivous toyota 4runner is looking a lot better! Less mechanical problems too....


My wife passed the same situation over to me to handle before she killed someone. They will not budge and say it is out of their control after placing it in the mail.

This must happen a lot. I wish I had some money for a lawyer.

Why should we Pay $30 to our Local DMV to get something we already paid for. Incompetent


I see a theme developing. I paid off my car with Chrysler Financial in January 2009.

I am still trying to get a title or lien release letter. I am both sad and glad to see that I am not alone.


*** One more thing...LOL .. OHHH the post office one is the best...

They gave me the same line.. complain to the post office... WHy would I do that ....

I get all my other mail.. Guess the US Postal Service must Hate Chrysler just as much as all the customers do too....


Well I guess I win the prize.. I paid my loan off 3 years ago and here I am still Waiting and now they claim they sent it in September or October of 2009 and still I have nothing..Today I call and now they want me to go through a Third party and expect me to pay for a lien release letter because they cant get it right???

So what if the *** system shows they mailed it out.. I DID NOT GET IT... and from the looks of it .. they cant get anyting right!

And the supervisor I spoke to was just as ignorant as the "system" that sent me the release form the "title vault".... WTF!


I have the exact same issue. I paid off my car in July, they said they mailed the title that week.

I never recieved it. I called back, they were to have sent me a letter so that i could get a replacement title, never received the letter.

I have now been on hold with them over an hour. I am so frustrated.


I paid of my Truck in January and I have not recieved my title either. They said they mailed it in March.

They said they mailed me a letter in April that I paid it off to get a lost title.

I dont have it either. I guess if I trade it in Ill let the dealership handle it.

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